Thursday, April 19, 2012

DreamHack Eizo airing on Swedish Television

First GOMTV starting airing StarCraft on live television all around Asia. Now for the first time Europe will be airing its first eSport event DreamHack Eizo Open. It will be aired live by STV (Swedish TV). This is one step closer to airing on TV in America.

DreamHack Eizo is a $20,000 StarCraft 2 LAN tournament taking place in Stockholm. The tournament airs April 21-22. The winner of the tournament will qualify for DreamHack Winter 2012 and thanks to the new partnership MLG's Spring Arena 2.

Although this is a StarCraft 2 event DreamHack Summer will be including League of Legends. This means DreamHack in partnership with STV will be the first ones to air League of Legends on TV. This will be a huge step for League of Legends eSports and definitely one for any LoL gamer to look forward to.

DreamHack Eizo has seating for over 2,000 people and as always with DreamHack events will be hugely popular. Both the live stream and the TV channel will expect to see hundreds of thousands of eSport fans tuning in. For more information on the DreamHack Eizo Open visit PGT.

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