Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CBS Interactive getting into eSports

Huge news today April 17, 2012 as CBS Interactive gets into eSports. Partnering with Twitch.TV, MLG and NASL.TV CBS Interactive is joining the eSport community. With its huge advertising network eSports will finally get the major advertisers it needs to pay gamers better salaries, larger tournament cash prizes and better entertainment during at eSport events.

This development is huge for all eSports including League of Legends which thanks to this deal is one step closer to live television in America. The eSports community is excidetly waiting for ESPN to pick up on League of Legends and air it on the big screen. MLG have been in talks with ESPN for over a year but so far still unable to get their events aired.

With this new CBS Interactive partnership MLG may have just the leverage they need to get ESPN to start airing their Pro Circuit which since last year includes League of Legends.

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